North Dakota, sigh

Well, North Dakota, you are a tough state to get through.  Not as tough as Kansas mind you, but nonetheless, difficult.  You do offer some “Roadside America” finds such as this, and this. Of course, there is the Teddy Roosevelt National Park which Brooks was looking forward to seeing after doing a year-long National History […]

Go West, Young Man (and Woman)!

  Horace Greeley’s sentiment has never really resonated with me.  I have always been an East Coast girl (and Midwest girl), my heart always in New England.  For the past week, my heart has been both literally and figuratively  in Montana. Rock Creek Cattle Company is in Deer Lodge, Montana.  It is a 30,000 acre […]

Natural Disaster, Part Two

  I feel like a bit of a fraud.  After my reflections on the experience of seeing America through RVing, we ended up at a fancy ranch in Montana for the past week.  I will admit that it was nice to have a lovely “cabin” with amenities such as a real toilet, activites such as […]

Ahh, but ain’t that America

Today, we explored the west side of South Dakota.  I am amazed at the beauty of this state.  I assumed we would see mostly flat prairie with Mt. Rushmore emerging in the middle of it all.  Boy, was I wrong. Our first stop was the Crazy Horse Memorial.  The sculpture is impressive, however, the family […]

Pine Ridge and Red Shirt Table

We woke up early  Thursday and headed toward Pine Ridge Reservation where our church, Southport Congregational does mission work.  On our way, we stopped at the Wounded Knee Battlefield. We continued on to our destination through desolate, but beautiful countryside Upon arriving, we were greeted by many familiar faces and lots of hugs.  What is […]

Why we are really here

The sun was shining on the broken tree branches and debris that littered the camp this morning.  After doing more laundry and cleaning the mud that was EVERYWHERE after the big storm, we headed out to do the very thing that brought us to this part of the country–deliver books to the Rosebud and Pine […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

  I neglected to mention in my first post that we were supposed to caravan with our friends, The Barry’s, out to South Dakota.  We were to meet them at a gas station on I-95 at 6am Sunday.  Shockingly,  that didn’t happen, so we made plans to meet on the road.  Well, we finally caught […]

A Room with a View

This was the view out of my window this morning.  Yes.  Walmart. John L. shared a lot of information that he and his family had gathered after a few RV trips cross country.  This little piece of advice that I didn’t actually think we would need suddenly became a reality.  You can sleep in the […]

Day 1.5

Soon after posting yesterday, we decided to throw in the towel and pull over at a “Service Center” at 9:30 p.m.   Arriving in Chicago at 1 a.m. seemed like the worst idea ever. Now, we have done a fair amount of travel to and from Texas for our annual migration and we have certainly […]

For all my CT friends……

I celebrated my birthday with dear friends at the annual Round the Buoy cocktail party and dinner last evening.  Instead, I should have been packing the very item which launched this blog.  Our RV. As promised, I am going to share our adventures in the said RV for all of you who want to see […]