Day 1.5

Soon after posting yesterday, we decided to throw in the towel and pull over at a “Service Center” at 9:30 p.m.   Arriving in Chicago at 1 a.m. seemed like the worst idea ever.

Now, we have done a fair amount of travel to and from Texas for our annual migration and we have certainly stopped for gas at many a plaza.  As we pulled into this one 30 miles from the Indiana state line, we were just hoping to find a parking lot big enough to house us for the night.  What we found instead were parking spots for RV’s that had electricity!  We were thrilled to say the least.  Everyone disembarked from the car and entered the RV ready to brush teeth and get to bed.  As I said, we had elecrical hook-ups, but not water.  But not to worry, we have a water storage tank for such occasions.  I casually asked Ryan if the tank was full.  “I assume so”, was the reply.

I knew we were in trouble.

Sure enough, we had not a drop of water, aside from water bottles.  This was the result.

Brushing teeth.

After the slam dunk moment of brushing teeth and washing faces in the parking lot, it was time to sleep for the first time in the RV.

The bunk room.

I must admit, the lack of water fiasco was totally worth the coziness and comfort of the RV.  To avoid hauling in ALL of our things to a hotel every night, and NOT having to spray  every inch of the room with Lysol is something for which I am completely grateful.


To round out this inaugural event, we had to shower in the “trucker’s lounge”  Suddenly, the Lysol made a triumphant return and the amount of paper towels that I lined the floor with would make the least envirnmentlly-friendly person cringe.

The boys at the plaza ready to embark on a new day’s travel.

Taking the advice of John L, we arrived at our first “Roadside America” stop:  The RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN.


This place was a gem.




I am suddenly obsessed with these vintage caravans.  Who wouldn’t want to particiate in this slice of Americana?

Next stop, Sioux Falls, SD to meet up with the Barry family.  Unless, of course, another specatacular travel plaza tickles our fancy.

2 thoughts on “Day 1.5

  1. Love your relaxed energy! This is an adventure of a lifetime! We rented a Southwind one summer- lots of stories!!!

    1. Maren, we have so many stories from our our trip already and I can’t imagine how many more there will be to tell! It is so nice to hear from others who have done similar trips 🙂

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