For all my CT friends……

I celebrated my birthday with dear friends at the annual Round the Buoy cocktail party and dinner last evening.  Instead, I should have been packing the very item which launched this blog.  Our RV.

As promised, I am going to share our adventures in the said RV for all of you who want to see how we manuever a 60ft car and tow, do laundry on the road, seek out organic meats and produce, and other adventures and misadventrues.  So, Tracy and Tim, John and Ellen, Denise and Terry, Parker and Chris, Heather and Steve, Katie and Fred, Don and Tish, Diana and Peter, Sandra and Steve, Michael and Kathleen, and so many others who are questioning our sanity, here goes…..


Our first stop. We took up an entire parking lot.




Brooks already a bit tired of the drive, two hours in.
Ella phoning in for help.
Our first stop to see fellow Stanford OHS classmates and now dear family friends, the Gonzalez family. They brought us a book, tea, and coconut macaroons. Bless them.
My baby asleep on my chest.
I can’t.
First dinner in the RV. See Parker, I caved on the first day.


And now we drive literally into the sunset on our way to Chicago.  ETA 12:30 a.m.  Help.

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  1. Birthday pal I think it’s amazing and glad you are doing is trip instead of me! Have fun!

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