A Room with a View


This was the view out of my window this morning.  Yes.  Walmart.

John L. shared a lot of information that he and his family had gathered after a few RV trips cross country.  This little piece of advice that I didn’t actually think we would need suddenly became a reality.  You can sleep in the Walmart parking lot in your RV.

We had not learned the lesson from the night before and fully exptected to make it to a campground in Sioux  Falls, SD at a reasonalbe hour.  I had visions of electricity and running water as we drove down the road toward a beautiful sunset.

The Minnesota sky.

Our iPhone clearly hasn’t learned that our caravan will only go about 55-60 mph rather than our normal, much faster speed.  It becaame clear at 11:30 p.m. cst that there was NO way we could drive until 1:30 a.m. to arrive at our destination.  So when the Walmart sign appeared in the distance, we took advantage.  Of course, I thought I was roughing it the night before without water.  Now we had no water and no electricity.  Luckily, the lights miraculously worked and it was in the 50’s so open windows sufficed as our air conditioning.

We carefully chose our spot and turned the car off when we heard a strained, but fast motor sound.  A man driving a machine that looked like a lawn mower comes racing towards us.  This night, of course, he was repainting the parking lot lines at the Walmart. He asked us to move to a location near the fireworks tent.  We obliged.  So, we found our next spot in the parking lot.  Ryan turned off the car and we started to open the doors when we heard the little motor racing toward us again.  For our third attempt, we went to the far corner of the lawn and garden section, like guilty children hiding in the corner.

Our hiding place in the Walmart parking lot.

The fun and games continued as we got to shop for more provisions at 6:30 a.m. (Parker, not an organic item in sight).

So, now we are on the road again and hoping to finally meet up with the Barry’s in South Dakota.  The GPS says we will arrive in 1:06 hours.  I love how it is an eternal optimist.

Ella working on a sewing project

4 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. Lori, we found on our trip through that same area two years ago that it is the land of pink tomatos and iceberg lettuce. If you ask for “mixed greens” they haven’t a clue. So sad that with all that vast agriculture land they don’t have farms that grow for the locality. There is an historic falls in Sioux Falls that is a nice stop. If you see signs for the Corn Palace you have to stop. You will learn everything there is to about corn. And of course there is ” X# of miles to Wall Drug Store”…a sight not to be missed if anything to have the 5 cent cup of coffee. You can’t miss it, the billboards start at one end of the SD border and it’s in the town of Wall.

  2. If you see a sign for the t “Amana Colonies” off of I-80 in central Iowa it is another must see place. We found it be accident and it was well worth it. A bit like a Sturbridge Village, it is almost as it was when settled 150 years ago by displaced east coast German immigrants as a commune where they grew their own food and spun their own wool and bartered their wares and had community dinners. It’s a real historical stop, not a touristy stop. Not sure what route you all are taking. It sounds like fun so far.

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