Why we are really here

The sun was shining on the broken tree branches and debris that littered the camp this morning.  After doing more laundry and cleaning the mud that was EVERYWHERE after the big storm, we headed out to do the very thing that brought us to this part of the country–deliver books to the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservations.  As most of you know, our children have a charity with their friends called The Wonderland Booksavers.  It offically became a 501c3 last year.  I will shamelssly tell you to visit http://www.wonderlandbooksavers.com to learn more.  Anyway, they have collected used books throughout the year from libraries, schools and private donations.  The books go to many places including Africa, Haiti and now South Dakota.  Southport Congregational and Trinity are both in South Dakota this week doing mission work and we are here to deliver books to this incredibly impoverished area.

First, however, we had to visit 1800 Town, which was literally across the road from the campsite, but of course, with the Dorothy-like storm, we didn’t see it until today.  It is similar to Sturbridge Village, one of our favorites.  It is also where Dances with Wolves was filmed.



Next, we headed to Rosebud.  South Dakota is so vast and it takes at least 1.5+ hours to get anytwhere.  We finally arrived with our books and were greeted by our dear friend, Beth.


After a hard day’s work at the reservation, she kindly fed us before we began to unload many boxes of books.  These books will be distributed around the reservation including at a women’s shelter and at a fair that wil take place in late summer or fall.


WIlls carrying books
Wills being carried
A beautiful stocking hanging in the office of the Episcopal Church Outreach Center

After delivering our first load of books, we were off to the Badlands.

Claire and Quinn
Emma and Brooks B.


Emma celebrating successfully hiking the Badlands in flip flops


And to round out the day, we went to Wall Drug.  We liken it South of the Border, as you see signs for hundreds of miles in anticipation.  One big difference is that you don’t feel the need to bathe in bleach after you leave.


And now, we are off to our next campsite in preparation for joining our church at Pine Ridge to deliver books and read stories to some very sweet children.


C’mon, South Dakota.  Give us a break.

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  1. We also visited the 1880 town with our kids while driving cross country many years ago! It’s wonderful to read your updates and I hope that this will be an unforgettable experience for your whole family

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