Natural Disaster, Part Two


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I feel like a bit of a fraud.  After my reflections on the experience of seeing America through RVing, we ended up at a fancy ranch in Montana for the past week.  I will admit that it was nice to have a lovely “cabin” with amenities such as a real toilet, activites such as horseback riding, fly fishing, archery and shooting all with accomplished guides, and delicious food, none of which was prepared by me.  I will post about all of those activities later, but first, I thought it appropriate to  address our second encounter with a natural disaster:  an earthquake.

I was awakened last night around 12:30 a.m. mst by what I at first thought was another tornado.  I briefly thought I was back inside of the RV as the cabin was being tossed around in the same fashion.  We had rain earlier in the evening, so I thought that these might be tornado-like winds coming through.  Five or ten minutes later, a second “wind event” happened.  It was so scary, and  I never even considered what was actually happening.  I woke up this morning and saw one of the first headlines on Drudge Report which read, “5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Montana”.  Of course, this was the talk of the ranch the entire day.  But, life went on as usual.



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We are now heading east.  Watch out Connecticut, with our track record, a hurricane may be in your near future.

4 thoughts on “Natural Disaster, Part Two

  1. Beautiful pics! Glad you’re faring well through all these natural disasters. Lots of drama for a family vacation!

  2. Don’t apologize for taking an RV break and staying at the ranch, Lori! It’s all part of the deal. We never would have experienced Blackberry Farms (def look it up) in TN had we not done that. Plus it’s great to get a fresh dose of people to be with every now and again. Enjoy the home stretch!

    1. Thank you, John! It really was a welcome break. Blackberry Farms is definitely on our list. We may be able to hit it during our southern trip, though the weather may not be ideal that time of year. Can’t wait to fill out the map you gave to us when we return! XO

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