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Go West, Young Man (and Woman)!


Horace Greeley’s sentiment has never really resonated with me.  I have always been an East Coast girl (and Midwest girl), my heart always in New England.  For the past week, my heart has been both literally and figuratively  in Montana.

Rock Creek Cattle Company is in Deer Lodge, Montana.  It is a 30,000 acre working cattle ranch that offers activities such as horsback riding,


Ax throwing,



Fly fishing,

Goldfish racing (on July 4th),


And many other outdoor activities.

Once on the ranch, everyone drives around on golf carts or ATV’s.  One of my favorite drives was to the horse stables everyday to drop off my born-again equestrians.  Throughout the week, we saw Texas Longhorns, Big Horn Sheep, moose, prairie dogs, gophers and eagles.  The one thing we did not see was an elk.  Maybe next time.

The views around the ranch are stunning.

My East Coast children really took to the ways of the West, though being dust-covered was not their favorite.  It was a gift to see them not only trying new things, but loving them.  Experiencing new frontiers. Maybe Horace and I have more in common than I thought?


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