North Dakota, sigh


Well, North Dakota, you are a tough state to get through.  Not as tough as Kansas mind you, but nonetheless, difficult.  You do offer some “Roadside America” finds such as this,

World’s Largest Holstein Cow Statue

and this.

Geese in Flight metal sculpture

Of course, there is the Teddy Roosevelt National Park which Brooks was looking forward to seeing after doing a year-long National History Day project on the President.  Unfortunately, it was 98 degrees, so hiking was out of the question.  So, we saw the park through the eyes of the visitors center.  The town of Medora on the south side of the park offered a true taste of small town America.


The children took a vdieo of the numbers moving as the tank pumped.  They were all spellbound by it.

Well, I think we saw all that there is to be seen.


I will give you credit, though.  Your people got us out of a bind.




We realized that the brake lights and turn signal lights were not working on the travel trailer.  Of course, EVERY auto shop that is actually open on Saturdays closes at 12pm.  Thankfully, AAA found a place for us to take it.


A very nice man named Dallas fixed the problem.  While doing so, he told Ryan about his passion for water skiing with his three children and their proclivity for doing the human pyramids while on skis (13 people high).

On a small lake on the side of the road in rural ND.


We also learned that the reason we couldn’t find any mechanics on our own was due to the fact there was a smash up derby happening at the local fairgrounds.  Of course, they were all there.

So, after our ND adventure, we are on our way to to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in DeSmet, SD.  I hope we make it there before closing time.

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